Our clothes and accessories are inspired by the jewels and the finely embroidered costumes of the Banjaras, an ancient nomadic tribe from northern India.

Colour, tradition, craftsmanship, age-old elegance that still represent a way of life, not a passing fashion. A lifestyle and a world, the East with its charm, its textiles, its substance as expressed by • Banjaras •.

All fabrics, embroideries, traditional patterns and details, interpreted in a contemporary western key, are aimed at a woman who follows trends without been a slave to fashion and griffes.

A woman who appreciates the uniqueness of a different garment, some time adorned by small imperfections tied to the traditional process of creation, be it the vegetable dyes, the spinning and weaving on wooden frames, the hand-stitching, the exquisite sun-dried fabrics.

Past and tradition, East and West come together: stunning, easy to wear clothes, far from the industrial production and totally unique.